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About HC4A-Connect

Mission: Connect the HC4A Sponsors to network with each other to build their respective businesses.

What is HC4A-Connect?

HC4A-Connect, a free networking event, meets monthly on third Thursday of the month. At this time, this is a closed group of businesses/individuals who have sponsored or provided pro bono services to HC4A. To make this successful, attendance is crucial – we have almost 100 sponsors and if we have 50% attendance this could become a great captive networking organization.

How is HC4A-Connect Meeting Organized?

  • HC4A Director welcomes everyone and provides update on HC4A activities – 1 to 4 min.
  • Chair of HC4A-Connect, Janak Zalawadia moderates rest of the meeting
  • Attendees have about 1 min. to talk about their respective business – hand out cards
  • A business will be featured – 10 to 15 minutes to talk more about the business.
  • A guest speaker on various subject is planned to be invited
  • After that, discussions and specific referrals are requested but the participants
  • Attendees may bring guests that can help HC4A and the sponsors

Where and When Do You Meet?

Third Thursday of the month
Time: 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: North Austin Mathnasium – 10401 Anderson Mill Rd., #109A, Austin TX 78750

Every now and then, non-profits that help HC4A in outreach may be invited to attend.

Thank you to HC4A Foundation Member and Owner of Mathnasium (North Austin Mathnasium and Steiner Ranch) Lakshmi Kondubhatla for hosting the meeting!